Friday, 12 July 2013

The Key to Change is Simple!

The word Diet irritates me. To me the word 'Diet' implies there is an expiration date, what happens once you've reached your goal weight? Do you just stop calorie counting, stop eating healthy and go back to eating as you did before the Diet, probably. If you look to change your view on food you will be able to make a lifestyle change that will last, you will still be able to eat all the yummy foods you love! Sounds good right?

A lot of diets that are advertised on the telly, in magazines and published in books are complete rubbish, low fat, low carb, high protein. Your body needs all of these nutrients to run efficiently (more on this to follow). Just go back to basics, EAT NATURAL, NUTRITIONAL ONE INGREDIENT FOODS. Trust me weight loss is a lot more simple than you think, companies will always try to over complicate things to get you spending money.

The biggest thing I have learnt over the last 7 months is that you can't expect change to happen over night and you can't change too much too quickly. If you do this you are just setting yourself up for failure. The key is to make little changes, this way its easier to stick to. You cannot overhaul the way you have been eating for years over night!

Why Diets Don't Work
Thirty-four million people a year in the UK try to lose weight, spending around £10 billion on diet clubs, special foods and over the counter remedies aimed at weight loss. Very often fad diets, the pills and the special foods don't work which leaves the dieters feelings worse and heavier than they did before they started. A recent weightwise survey showed that a 40% were able to follow the diet for more than a month and 90% regained the weight they had lost. Most shocking is that one in five dieters end up more than a stone heavier than when they originally started their diet.

 So What Should You Do?

I have found that the trick is to make small changes, don't jump in feet first and try to change everything at once. Instead make realistic goals, weekly, monthly, however you feel it will best work for you.

  1. Increase the amount of water you drink (no squash is not ok)
  2. Cook using natural one ingredient foods (check out my recipe page for some great, quick, simple ideas)
  3. Sleep more - I knew you would like that one
  4. Increase your activity levels - whether it be an evening walk or joining the gym
  5. Never starve yourself, if your hungry EAT
  6. Try to include protein at every meal
  7. Eat plenty of vegetables
  8. Eat healthy fats
If you add these tips into your life slowly you will quickly start to see the benefits and you will start to feel amazing too. Your body will thank you. There is no need to calorie count, just think about what you are eating and what your body will take from your food. 

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