Sunday, 22 September 2013

Support is Essential

Something we are all faced with when losing weight is negativity from others! Over coming this negativity can be difficult and at times soul destroying. Its difficult to make other people understand your reasons to change, to make them see your doing this because your respect your body enough not to fill it full of processed fake foods. Some of the comments I know are common are things like 'your taking this to seriously', 'your going to get too skinny' etc. Then you have the comments from people regarding the foods you eat, 'Ew what is that', 'I can't believe you don't eat cereal for breakfast', the best bit advise I can give you is to tell those people to fuck off! You are doing this for yourself, not for anyone else so why worry about what they think. Why waste your time explaining to them why you are doing this.

What we need to do is focus on turning those negatives into positives, use peoples negativity to drive yourself forward. Now don't get confused, I am not saying you should make changes to spite others. You need to do this for you and NO ONE else. Just think how good you will feel knowing your choices are making a difference, they are making you feel awesome. I think that's one of the biggest things for me, it's not about weight, or what size clothes you fit in its about how you feel inside, how the food you are eating is making you feel, the energy you have, the good nights sleep you will start to have. People underestimate the effects of foods on the body and mind. Ok put it this way, would you spend £80,000 on car only to go an fill it with poor quality fuel? No because it will effect the performance of the car, so why do that your body. After all, you only get one so look after it the best you can. 

Turning negatives to positives is easier than you think. Trust me this is something I personally struggled with, I worried, I flapped and I stress (a lot less now that I used to - I don't think anyone other than maybe a monk is completely stress free). So I brought a book called 'Flip It', its written by a motivational speaker and is truly brilliant. I am not going to go into the contents too much, go buy it! The book teaches you to make the most of situations, how not to worry and how to be a more positive person all round. Apply this new found positivity to comments you receive from others. Chances are they are only being negative because it will make them feel better about their lack of self drive, determination and commitment to change. 

Every Monday I now attend a health group called 'Ditch the Diet BS', it's run by three local nutritionists and is specifically for woman. The idea is to break the unhealthy habits of crash dieting. It's great that so many people are interested in good nutrition. It also provides a great network of woman supporting woman, no one is there to judge you. There has also been a private Facebook group set up where we can all post our recipes, successes and share with people when we've had a bad day. No one is there to judge, we are all just looking to be healthier, happier and fitter.

So no matter what changes you are looking to make, whether it be to improve your health or lose weight, ignore the negative comments, turn negatives into positives and do it for you. Find someone to support you, join a Facebook group, create a group yourself. Whatever you need to do, do it :-)

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